fraDesk 1.0 (BMBF) – Web-Based Multitenant Ticket System

The fraDesk Web-based ticket system was developed from 2004 to 2008 as part of a BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) project and several dissertations. It supports the administration of projects, enquiries, and problem reports. The system was presented at CeBIT (the largest global IT trade fair) in March 2008 and has since been used by various school education authorities across Germany.

fraDesk was used in the fraLine2, fraLine3, fraLine4 projects and continues to be used in the IBIdiM project. It is also used for coordinating and documenting support enquiries from schools and for coordinating, organizing, and documenting additional research, development, and practical projects at FTzM.

fraDesk Functions

  • fraDesk registers projects and enquiries as tickets. The tickets can be opened and processed at any time on any computer with Internet access or from a smartphone/tablet using a Web app; access is thus not limited to office hours.
  • Tickets document the processing of projects and enquiries in chronological order. Registered users (e.g. IT representatives from Frankfurt schools) always have an overview of the status of projects and can comment on them in the corresponding ticket.
  • Tickets can be assigned, monitored, and moderated by different people.
  • fraDesk is a multitenant system, which means the software can be used by different organizations either parallel or at different times.
  • The ticket system can be linked to a workforce management system. This enables authorized user groups to assign specific employees tickets according to their availability or professional skills.
  • Thanks to an integrated search function, fraDesk can also be used as a knowledgebase for documented solutions, concepts, and procedures for new projects and enquiries. These details can be researched using the search function.

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Contact person (organization): Olga Merz, MA, MBA
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Project Managers during the first project period (BMBF/AiF): Professor Dr Ulrich Schrader and Professor Dr Thomas Knaus

Development: Dipl.-Inf. (graduate computer scientist) (UAS) Christian Struck and Dipl.-Inf. (graduate computer scientist) (UAS) Karsten Koch

Further development until 2015: Dipl.-Inf. (graduate computer scientist) Nikolay Jeliazkov, Nikolaos Simos, Marc Mannig

Status: completed (2007–2014) // initial funding from the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) (2006–2008); further development in cooperation with the city of Frankfurt as part of fraLine3 (2007–2011) and fraLine4 (2011–2014) // currently proceeding as part of fraDesk 2.0

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Focus: development; educational informatics