Standard AD for Frankfurt Schools

Systems for the role-based administration of IT structures

Systems for the technical administration of school infrastructure are required to enable the efficient administration of the growing number of digital devices used in schools. This includes administrating user accounts, managing authorizations, configuring operating systems, providing and managing software, and carrying out regular updates for all devices.
The aim of the project was to design a system to administer school IT structures for all types of schools.

In the Frankfurt region, the responsibility for schools is spread out over different levels of authority (schools, education authorities, school supervisory boards, etc.), which poses a challenge for the standardized administration of (IT) infrastructure. Frankfurt does, however, have the advantage that school IT is connected over a joint municipal network, the Frankfurt school network, and can therefore be centrally administered.

Over the course of the project, a survey was conducted to establish the requirements of schools. The administration system was then installed in pilot schools with the aid of IT representatives. The goal was to use the knowledge gained from these experiences to create a sustainable city-wide standard administration.

The system was developed by a former FTzM employee and based on Active Directory – a popular directory service developed by Microsoft – and can be adapted for all types of schools. The basic system that has since been introduced by the municipal education authority of the city of Frankfurt (Stadtschulamt) for the administration of IT infrastructure is based on a standardized Active Directory system with secure areas for individual schools. The system is scheduled to be implemented at all public schools in Frankfurt by 2017.

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municipal education authority of the city of Frankfurt – Stadtschulamt

The project was supervised by Kai Simon, Anthony Schmelz, Katharina Thülen and Arne Malgay until 2017.

Academic supervision: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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Status: completed (2004–2014) // part of the fraLine3 (2007–2011) and fraLine4 (2011–2014) projects // implementation (until 2017)

Focus: development, educational informatics