FAQ – IT Knowledgebase for Frankfurt Schools

The public platform for frequently asked questions (FAQs) assists teachers (and especially IT representatives and other school staff) with questions about school media and IT equipment, the use and organization of school networks and services, and the integration of digital media to support teaching and learning in Frankfurt schools. This platform is the first source of knowledge and self-help support for administrating and further developing school media and IT infrastructure.

(Technical) solutions (that focus on the specific conditions for media and IT structures at Frankfurt schools) are reviewed and published in the FAQs. The FAQs also address questions about organization, media education, and legal issues or provide links to relevant information pages.

Future plans include expanding the FAQs to include video tutorials on selected topics.

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Initiator and academic supervisor: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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Status: active (since 2001) // part of the cooperation with the city of Frankfurt for fraLine1–4 and F&E (2001–2018)

For further information, please visit: http://faq.ftzm.de

Focus: educational informatics; development