The fraLine project was launched on 1 October 2001 as a cooperation project with the municipal education authority of the city of Frankfurt (Stadtschulamt) and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

The project was initiated as a pilot cooperative partnership (public-public-partnership) in which students assisted Frankfurt schools with the maintenance and development of school media and IT infrastructure. In accordance with the university’s concept of creating opportunities for students to apply their skills and gain experience, students were given a variety of opportunities to test the knowledge acquired during their studies and to become acquainted with their future professional environment. The city’s primary objective for the pilot project was to establish the technical and organizational requirements for the use of digital media in the classroom, to assist teachers in developing effective concepts for school technical support systems that meet their needs, and to thus help promote the development of schools and media.

The project was initially planned as a three year pilot project. Newly established goals and questions as well as positive assessments from the schools and an external academic evaluation encouraged the cooperation partners to extend the project (cf. fraLine2).


Contact person: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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Status: completed (2001-2004) // in cooperation with the municipal education authority of the city of Frankfurt (Stadtschulamt)

Further information: cf. project report, Sep. 2004 [PDF]

Focus: educational informatics