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The role of the advisory board of the Centre for Educational Technology – FTzM is to discuss issues regarding the future use of digital media in Frankfurt’s 156 schools and to actively promote the regional development of media. The board also helps FTzM to initiate and further develop school research, development, and practical projects. The advisory board is an interdisciplinary forum for a variety of organizations whose members represent the city of Frankfurt, the state of Hesse, all kind of schools in Frankfurt, regional business, and educational organizations (cf. current board members below).

The advisory board meets annually at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. In addition to discussing current projects and other issues, the FTzM team briefly presents the work and research they conducted over the past year. Minutes are taken at each of the board's meetings, which are later made available to all members.

History of the board

The board was founded in 2002 as part of the fraLine project with the aim of promoting a direct exchange of information between Frankfurt schools and the participants of the project. For five years, the board met three to four times a year and was an essential partner in designing and further developing the project and improving the quality of assistance for Frankfurt schools.

Over the years, the board attained several of its goals: virtually all Frankfurt schools were equipped with new, easy-to-use and easy-to-administer computer rooms and media corners and now have their own broadband Internet connection.
At the same time, the equipment at schools, the variety of software, digital networks, and the deployment scenarios for school IT and digital educational tools became more comprehensive and complex.
For example, mobile devices are increasingly being used in schools. To ensure that the devices can be implemented to facilitate teaching and promote learning, school IT infrastructure must be fundamentally improved.

Whereas the availability of stationary computers in media rooms continues to be important for computer classes, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used in a variety of other subject areas. Teaching and learning with mobile devices requires high-performing and stable Wi-Fi networks that enable the devices to be securely connected and effectively integrated. In addition, platforms that help facilitate teaching, organize, and therefore promote learning are desirable. This brief overview reflects the ongoing nature of the tasks assumed by the board.


The long-term goal was to enable schools to keep up with technological and societal demands and to implement and test suitable technical support systems. These continue to be the board’s goals: technical infrastructure that was installed over the past sixteen years must be constantly updated and adapted to new technological and societal developments. In addition, appropriate technical support systems and training for teachers must be constantly reviewed and correspondingly adapted.

In response to changing issues and tasks, the board gradually evolved into an interdisciplinary forum for a variety of organizations. Since the fraLine project was completed in August 2014, the board has continued its work as the FTzM advisory board.
The direct exchange of information between the city, the state, scientists, business members, and Frankfurt schools has allowed the board to quickly recognize changing needs and offer efficient consultation for regional school and media development.

(April 2018)

The date for the next meeting: June 6, 2018
Place: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Nibelungenplatz 1, Building 9, 4th floor

Current Board Members

(April  2018)
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences:

Dr Bert Albers (requested)

Professor Dr Ulrich Schrader

FTzM – Frankfurter Technologiezentrum [:Medien]:

Olga Engel

Professor Dr Thomas Knaus

Hessian Ministry of Education and the Arts:

Tanja Miehle

Medienzentrum Frankfurt e. V. (media centre):

Merten Giesen

Beate Feyerabend

Siemens AG GSS GMS KbC:

Thomas Klein

Hessian state education authority (Staatliches Schulamt) for the city of Frankfurt:

Ingrid Wiemann (requested)

Dr Dagmar Weber

Tobias Oswald

Department of Integration and Education of the city of Frankfurt:

Sylvia Weber

Dr Clemens Bohrer

City of Frankfurt – municipal education authority (Stadtschulamt):

Birger Mehl

Teacher training centre for secondary schools (Gymnasien):

Martin Leonhardt

Representatives for different types of schools:

Vocational colleges:

N. N.


Special schools:

Jutta Pillong


Klaus Petersen



Primary schools:

Manuela Remke



Secondary schools (Gymnasien):

Corina Kreß



Secondary schools (Hauptschulen):

Boris Morelli



Secondary schools (Realschulen):
N. N.

Former board members:
Dr Detlev Buchholz (former President of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
Wolfgang Budde (Amt für Lehrerfortbildung – AfL (department of teacher training) and IGS Nordend, Frankfurt am Main)
Jörg De La Rosa-Matzeit (Theobald-Ziegler-Schule, Frankfurt am Main)
Professor Dr Heiner Herberg (formerly Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
Ines Faulstich (City of Frankfurt – Stadtschulamt (municipal education authority)) Stadtschulmt)
Karsten Fehrmann (City of Frankfurt – Stadtschulamt (municipal education authority)) Stadtschulmt)
Dr. Reiner Frey (former chancellor Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
Kar-Hermann Friedrichs (Hermann-Herzog-Schule)
Kristina Huttenlocher (Leibnizschule, Frankfurt am Main)
Bernhard Jäger (formerly Weißfrauenschule, Frankfurt am Main)
Dr Stephan Jeck (Hessian Ministry of Education and the Arts)
Kirsten Lauer (formerly fraLine))
Christian Müller (Caritas Association, Frankfurt)
Martin Müller (City of Frankfurt am Main)
Vincenzo Napoli (City of Frankfurt – Stadtschulamt (municipal education authority)) Stadtschulmt)
Rudolf Peschke (Hessian Ministry of Education and the Arts)
Agnes Pinke (Goethe-Gymnasium, Frankfurt am Main)
Professor Dr Wolf Rieck (former president of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
Ralph Rußmann (Caritas Association, Frankfurt)
Ulrich Schäferbarthold (Caritas Association, Frankfurt)
Stefanie Seifert (Michael-Grzimek-Schule, Frankfurt am Main)
Marion Weßling (Hessian state education authority (Staatliches Schulamt) for the city of Frankfurt)
Oswin Zier (Ludwig-Erhard-Schule, Frankfurt am Main)