fraVNC – Approaches for Remote Support Systems

System for remote maintenance and support: technical assistance for schools over the city of Frankfurt’s educational network

Within the context of the fraLine3 and fraLine4 projects, FTzM also carried out a project on remote assistance for schools. The goal was to provide Frankfurt schools with technical assistance via telephone while simultaneously accessing the relevant computer over the network.

Remote maintenance and support systems enable schools to receive technical assistance more quickly and efficiently. Due to the more frequent use of digital media in schools, the need for technical assistance has also increased. However, municipal education authorities do not have the resources to provide additional personnel to meet this demand. Remote maintenance and support help to reduce travel time for on-site appointments at schools and make it possible for technical staff to react more quickly in urgent cases.

The system that was developed by the FTzM team allows IT representatives to actively establish a connection and later terminate it. Developers were thus able to fulfil the security requirements of schools and other authorities: external users cannot establish a connection to a computer or notebook without the active assistance of the user. For this type of remote assistance, a simple-to-use fraVNC based on UltraVNC SingleClick was designed and programmed.

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Contact person: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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Status: completed (2007–2014) // developed as part of the fraLine3 project (2007–2011) and further developed in fraLine4 (2011–2014)

Further information: Final report fraLine4 [PDF], p. 27–28

Focus: development; educational informatics