The fraLine project was founded in 2001 and continued into its fourth period in September 2011 (cf. fraLine1, fraLine2, and fraLine3). The initial focus of the pilot project was on establishing an (IT) support partnership with Frankfurt schools and providing opportunities for students to gain practical experience. In past project stages, it became increasingly important to develop extensive solutions and provide corresponding academic supervision and evaluation. The fraLine project has continued to pursue this aim. The twelve years of experience gained by project staff have revealed numerous new fields for examination and provided a basis for more extensive research in educational informatics and on media education in schools.

Our centre’s staff and students provided Frankfurt schools with practical support, which in turn gave researchers important access to the region’s schools. In order to continue developing media education at Frankfurt schools and to serve as a “door opener” for research and practical experience at schools, FTzM staff will carry on assisting schools in the future through the IBIdiM project.


Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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Olga Merz, MA, MBA
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Project management & coordination during the project period: Olga Merz, MA, MBA, Katharina Thülen, BEng, MH Edu
Academic supervision: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus

Status: completed (2011–2014) // in cooperation with the municipal education authority of the city of Frankfurt (Stadtschulamt)
cf. project report [PDF]

Focus: educational informatics