fraDiTa – Digital Boards in Educational Settings

An updated analysis of the requirements and the technology for digital board systems with the aim of establishing standardized concepts for equipment and technical support.

Digital board systems are increasingly being used in the classroom to facilitate teaching and promote learning. The aim of the fraDiTa project is to develop practical criteria that will define the technical requirements for implementing digital boards in educational settings. The project can thus help education authorities and schools to choose the appropriate equipment and utilize it in the classroom. At the same time, this criteria may provide useful feedback for manufacturers as a basis for developing digital boards specifically for use in schools.

Digital boards incorporate more (digital) educational media into lessons than media corners or specialist rooms were previously capable of doing. They can also be used as group presentation devices for tablet projects. Digital board systems are thus able to reduce the barriers to implementing technology in schools and make it easier for teachers to use digital media in the classroom.

However, the use of digital boards in place of blackboards has led to increased expenditures for schools and the authorities responsible for procuring and maintaining the equipment: the devices must be installed and software packages and drivers must be kept up-to-date. Furthermore, schools become more dependent on technical service providers, because when a digital board malfunctions, it is the central teaching tool that is affected. This dependence is further augmented by the fact that many schools stop using alternative chalk boards or classic whiteboards entirely once they install digital boards.

In addition, the choice and procurement of suitable systems is a challenge for decision-makers if they do not have sufficient experience with the technology or the expertise required to make an informed decision and thus a sustainable investment.

The fraDiTa project aims to provide schools and educational institutions with the consultation they need in order to procure the appropriate digital boards and implement them in the classroom. Manufacturers also receive feedback from everyday use in schools and universities, which will enable them to improve their products to meet the needs of schools.

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Academic supervision: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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The project was supervised by Katharina Thülen, BEng, MH Edu, until 2018.

Status: active // part of the cooperation contract with the city of Frankfurt for the fraLine4 and F&E projects (2011–2018)

Further information: cf. publications

Focus: educational informatics; development