fraSem – Basic Knowledge: Digital – Media – Education

for multipliers at Frankfurt schools

The goal of the project is to give school staff, including IT representatives, an overview of school IT infrastructure and the Frankfurt school network in information seminars, workshops, and info shops. At the same time, staff can also acquire theoretical and practical skills and learn about potential scenarios for implementing digital media for school organization as well as in the classroom.

Frankfurt school staff who are responsible for the integration of digital media at their school (IT representatives, school administrators) are often significantly involved in designing and planning the use of educational technology in schools and maintaining the infrastructure.

They require up-to-date information on school (IT) infrastructure and a basic knowledge of the infrastructure, technology, and methods that are needed to implement digital media to facilitate teaching and promote learning in schools. This is the focus of the seminars organized by the fraSem project. Student staff from FTzM projects hold presentations and moderate discussions on topics relevant to the particular conditions and technical infrastructure of Frankfurt schools.


Information Seminar
The seminar focuses on discussing issues regarding the methods, technology, infrastructure, and organization required for the implementation and use of digital media at Frankfurt schools.

Workshops/Info shops
In addition to an introductory information seminar, we offer three corresponding practical workshops or info shops on frequently asked questions each school semester. The workshops focus on group discussion and a practical analysis of these issues.

The workshops/info shops are offered each school semester. Current dates and details on registration are published on the project website at

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FTzM is accredited by the Hesse teachers' academy (Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie).


Event organization: Olga Merz, MA, MBA
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Initiator and academic supervisor: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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Siemens AG (2004–2006)

Status: active (since 2004) // in cooperation with the Hessian state education authority (Staatliches Schulamt) for the city of Frankfurt

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Focus: media education; educational informatics