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Teachers often feel insecure about using digital media in the classroom for the first time. The classroom assistance project, a cooperation with the Hessian state education authority (Staatliches Schulamt) for the city of Frankfurt, has been offering teachers assistance since 2005. The project is aimed at teachers in Frankfurt who wish to use digital media but have avoided doing so due to insecurities.
Students and FTzM staff help teachers plan classes in which digital media are to be used and support them during instruction or preparation.

Educational media coaching is carried out by students from the FTzM project team with extensive experience in media education. The coaching sessions take place in the classroom and establish a reliable framework for initial attempts at using digital media. Within this setting, teachers do not have to worry about the technology failing at a critical moment and can try using media as a new instructional tool.
The project aims to reduce the uncertainty of teachers about using digital media in the classroom and to thus promote learning with and about digital media at Frankfurt schools.

Classroom assistance is intended to be as accessible as possible and therefore offers teachers assistance for lessons at all levels of complexity. FTzM staff offer support for technological (media) problems and for dealing with educational software, (typical school) applications, the World Wide Web, Internet research, and software for processing photos, videos, or audio-clips.

During the project, students, members, and project staff from FTzM will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the practical requirements of teachers for using digital media in the classroom and will be able to apply the knowledge and experiences gained during their training or in their theses.
Finally, classroom assistance serves as an important source of inspiration for FTzM staff for future research and development work on the specific implementation of educational media in schools.

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Initiator and academic supervisor: Professor Dr Thomas Knaus
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Status: active (since 2005) // in cooperation with the Hessian state education authority (Staatliches Schulamt) for the city of Frankfurt

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Focus: media education